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  • Xi'an HangChen Mechatronics Technology Corp. has independently developed a series of high-precision spherical honing machines based on decades of scientific research achievements and technical experience in the field of precision spherical machining. Among them, hc-1 automatic honing machine is the newly developed equipment for precision spherical processing. Besides high precision index with high efficiency , Its online measurement and central control without human operation are figured as its salient features. 


    The high-precision spherical honing machine developed by our company has been included in the two support projects of the China SME Innovation Fund from the Ministry of Science and Technology of China and the Science and Technology Innovation Project from Xi'an Science and Technology Bureau in 2008, and obtained 11 patents. At present, the spherical honing equipment produced by our company has been widely used in the fields of aerospace, aviation, shipbuilding and civil hydraulic accessories, ball valve manufacturing, human body joint manufacturing and so on.


    The spherical honing equipment produced by the company has the characteristics of high precision, the combination of honing and grinding and high efficiency. The spherical parts processed by our high-precision spherical honing machine can achieve up to 20nm for roundness and 10nm for surface roughness.