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Established in 2006, Xi’an HangChen Mechatronics Technology Corp. locates in Xi’an, which has 13 years history as the ancient capital of China. As a listed company in China’s New Third Board (Stock code:872147), Xi’an HangChen Mechatronics Technology successfully transforms its core business from the sales of advanced manufacturing equipment to the application of high precision spherical surface processing. With the technological advantages and market resources accumulated over the years, Xi’an HangChen Mechatronics Technology will continually devote its research and development power in the industry of the application of high precision spherical surface processing. We are dedicated to provide diversified custom made spherical parts for customers both from home and abroad. Our goal is to make the roundest ball all of the world.

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  • 1.High-precision spherical parts manufacturer.
  • 2.Continuous R&D capability.
  • 3.Excellent supporting technology & services.
  • 4.Competitive price with high quality.
  • 5.Good reputation and word-of-mouth.
  • 6.Qualified supplier for multinational customers.
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